Our Agile software development approach is simple: Delivering results on time and on budget.

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«Advantages of Agile Development»

We help enterprises accelerate software-to-market by building collaborative relationships, using lean requirements and agile methodologies. We guarantee value to our clients with our UX and engineering expertise.


Ludicrous speed.

We start with a get-things-done attitude. We employ modern software delivery methods such as lean requirements, rapid prototyping and Dual-track Scrum to meet deadlines others would call impossible. We know you needed this tomorrow, so we got it done yesterday.

Speed-to-Market with modern software delivery methods
nrgPM—custom project management tool

Metrics-driven, results-oriented.

We track and measure every aspect of our work to ensure projects launch on time, on budget and generate meaningful value for our clients. From high-level reports on progress and all the way down to detailed user stories, clients know where a projects stands at all times. Every client is equipped with nrgPM—our custom project management tool—to to let them track every step of the Agile process, productivity and budget in real-time.


Thinking and execution.

Our core competencies include product ownership, UX design and software engineering. We combine these to form product teams that ideate, design and ship product to market in an accelerated timeline. Once complete, we provide coaching services to initiate process change within the enterprise going forward.

Expertise in product ownership, UX design and software engineering
Competitive price point for delivering change

Guaranteed value.

We deliver results. The philosophy of lean operations permeates all parts of our business and guarantees you a competitive price point for delivering change. Our global footprint ensures you benefit from a near-shoring strategy that combines on-premise agility with remote cost savings.



We blend user experience expertise with Agile software development to form a single, cohesive team to design, implement and test results with actual customers.

Lean Requirements


As an organization, and the process we use. Lean requirements is an innovative, iterative approach for engaging stakeholders and collecting requirements. At a fraction of the time.

Agile Development


The only way to successfully design and build complex applications. An iterative approach that enables stakeholders and customers to interact with what is being built. Every two weeks.

Dual Track Scrum


Two parallel tracks throughout the project. First track - discovery and design. Second track - implementation. Concurrently helping the team deliver exactly what the customer needs.

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